HS Students to Perform with US Air Force Band

USAF Band Logo

With the United States Air Force Band’s performance just around the corner we decided to interview Mr. Milt Lee, Director of the Music Department and a band teacher at Saratoga Springs High School. Mr. Lee provided an inside scoop on this exciting event!

“Simply one of the best bands I have ever heard… I can’t believe they’re coming to Saratoga Springs” said Lee.  For not only being one of the finest bands in the country, but a band that occasionally performs at the White House, this opportunity is huge for all of the students! 11 Saratoga Springs High School students have been chosen to sit in with the band, which will hopefully develop a whole new world of learning for not only them, but others who attend this wonderful event.  The Choraliers will be performing with the Singing Sergeants as well. Additionally, Mr. Lee expressed that this concert will be a wonderful experience for members of the community. A secondary benefit is that everyone will get a “sneak peak” into the great music activities going on in the inner walls of Saratoga Springs High School.

The concert is 7:00 PM, Wednesday, October 21st at the Saratoga Springs High School auditorium.

Although there is no cost for this concert, tickets are required. Go to the Friends of Music site to register. As of October 16th there were only about 100 tickets available. Please register soon!

Tickets are also available at both Saratoga Guitar locations (Broadway and West Avenue) and at local Stewarts Shops.