Meet Meghan Schooley and Erin Eberhardt

Meet Meghan Schooley and Erin Eberhardt from the class of 2016. Meghan and Erin have been friends since the 10th grade. During their high school years they played in Fiddle Club and Jazz Band together and were also both very active in the Tri-M music honor society.

Both of our performers made music a central part of their life. Here’s what they had to say about their musical experiences in Saratoga Springs.

Erin said, “The music program at Saratoga greatly shaped me into the musician I am today. From fiddle club traveling to Ireland and Andy Janack’s support with auditions and percussion ensemble. I hope to become a music teacher as influential and inspiring as the music teachers here have been for me.”

Meghan added, “I started out playing classical piano but have moved towards jazz in recent years. I also play cello. I think one of the most important aspects of music is playing and experiencing music with other people. Music has helped me work with others. I’d like to thank Jessica LaBello and all the teachers in the music department for all the work they¬†put in to give us the best opportunities possible.”

Meghan and Erin will be reprising a performance that they did at the dedication concert for the baby grand piano facilitated by Friends of Music, through a grant made possible by the Alfred Z. Solomon Charitable Trust.