An organization is only as good as the volunteers that offer their time to help. Here are some needed roles that volunteers like you can fill.


Membership Coordinator

This role will be focused on managing the list of people that are near and dear to FOM. You should be well organized and not afraid of technology.  Time Commitment:  One hour each month

Alumni Coordinator

Organizations that have a longevity and momentum maintain a health relationship with their alums. We have many “great stories” to be told of former “musician scholars” that leveraged their music training for their own betterment as an adult. We need a point person to be identifying and communicating with those students and their parents, to help us to show the long term positive impact that music has on our youth.    Commitment:  Probably 2 hours a month.


This is the lead coordinating role for getting publicity about what FOM does, has done, and wants to do. There are the obvious traditional local outlets of radio, tv, and newspaper, and then there is the entire online world. While all supporters of FOM should their antenna up for opportunities such as these, you’d try to keep things organized and steady.  Commitment: Probably 1/2 hour a week.


The more photos we can secure, the more posts we can make on social media. In addition to the usual photos at a concert, we’d like to get “behind the scenes” photos at rehearsals, warm-ups, and other events. If you have a smart phone or a camera, this is the job for you.  Time Commitment:  As little as 15 minutes to a few hours a month.


Video is hugely popular. If you have a smart phone or a decent video recorder, you can be our next Ron Howard, Martin Scorcese, or Steven Spielberg. As with the photographer role, we’re looking for someone to commit to getting some concert, pre-concert, and rehearsal footage.Time Commitment:  As little as one to a few hours a month.

Social Media Specialist

Friends of Music currently has a presence on its web site, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For any social media platform to work effectively it needs a steady stream of content and regular monitoring. Demographically speaking, Facebook is predominantly for the adults and Instgram for the students. The web site and Twitter split between both. This role – which can easily be a team of people with responsibility for various aspects of the overall effort – will keep the people that want to be up to date about Friends of Music satisfied.

6/7/15 – We are discussing with the High School about making this position available to the Career Exploration Internship Program (CEIP) for the 2015-16 school year. However, this does not mean that one, single student could do it all. We need a small team.

Project Manager

We have a few projects we’d like to see get off the ground. We need someone to lead these efforts. We’re not tackling anything too big yet, so these should all be pretty manageable time commitments. Obviously the time will vary based upon the size of the project.  Just let us know that you’d be willing to consider helping with a project and we can contact you with the details.  Commitment:  Varies depending on project size and scope.

Alumni Concert

Our first big fundraiser for the Student Assistance Fund was in 2017. We raised just about $2,000 for our newly created fund. We plan on making this an annual event and would love some more help.

  • Stage Crew
  • Performer Coordinator
  • Donation Requestor
  • Set up
  • Ticket Sales
  • Greeters

Friday Night Live

There are a distinct set of roles at one of our Friday Night Live (FNL) open mic nights. This is rapidly becoming our signature event so this is a great activity to get involved with. At most, this is a once a month event.

Signage Specialist

It’s hard to have a good event when people can’t find it or once they get there they don’t know what to do! Having great signs, posters, and banners goes a long way to having clear messaging and instructions, as well as to bringing visibility to FOM.  Commitment:  There could be specific project work for a new sign or banner and then presence at various concerts or events.  1 hour per month.


Can you smile, say “hi,” and shake hands? If you can, then you can be a greeter! There’s nothing like being welcomed to an event to get things off on the right note. Commitment:  2 hours per FNL event


Keep a storage bin of snacks, beverages, and supplies stocked and inventoried and then staff a table during the event itself.  Commitment:  30 minutes organizing, 2 hours per FNL event


We have a sign-up table for performers and attendees. This is a great source of donations and data for us. We’ve had two to three students staff the table with an adult to provide support (if needed.) We’d like to be more organized in our data collection in order to provide more accurate reporting and subsequent outreach. Commitment:  30 minutes pre-FNL, 2 hours per FNL event, and (up to) 1 hour post FNL for data management.


This is simply a responsible adult that’s willing to be in the room to keep an eye on everything and to lend a hand if needed. Commitment: 1 hour per month.